Can You Spot the 13 Security Flaws in This Photo?

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  1. Computer screen left on with no password protection – passerby has access to information on the device
  2. Unshredded files in trash could contain sensitive information
  3. File cabinet open – easy for someone to steal sensitive information
  4. Cell phone left out in the open – may display sensitive information and/or can be easily stolen
  5. Notes left on whiteboard – could contain confidential product updates, information or ideas
  6. Backpack left out and open
  7. Usernames and passwords left out in the open
  8. Key to locked drawer left out in the open – easy access to confidential files
  9. Calendar out in the open – could contain sensitive dates and/or information
  10. Credit card left out on desk
  11. Documents left out on desk that could contatin sensitive information
  12. USB drive left out in the open
  13. Wallet left on desk
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