Secure and protect your important data

We maintain that ALL of your company’s important files and data are safely protected against emergencies and backed up at all times. All of our backup services are HIPAA and PCI compliant to equally assure that your customer’s data is secure. We offer on-site, off-site and cloud-based backup solutions that are extremely easy to setup and use, low cost, no contract, and do not require any hardware or software to be purchased.

The Technology Pool Data Backup Solutions

How it Works

  •  Your company’s data and important files are backed up daily and professionally managed with full security, encryption, and redundancy.
  • Your data is available to be restored at any time.
  • Your information is stored using BMR, Server Virtualization, or Cloud backup.
  • Your data is encrypted, password protected and can only be accessed by you.
  • All of our data solutions are tailored to your business needs regarding what to back up, how data is stored and secured, how frequently backups are performed, and recovery plans for restoring backup data.

Bare Metal Recovery Backup

With BMR, the end user is able to restore a system and it’s backed up data from bare metal without any previously installed software. Typically BMR includes operating system, applications and data. This allows you to rebuild or restore backed up data to a completely different device in a short period of time.

Virtual Server Backup

This method stores backup data on a virtual server. Typically this process takes entire snap shots of data, applications, and operating system and allows for quick and complete restorations of these snap shots. Virtual servers give you compatibility, plenty space for data, and an easy way to completely restore your machine.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup automatically backs up data from your device to a remote location. This solution is extremely user friendly, and performs it’s backups at specific times. Cloud systems are custom-tailored to your needs. In addition cloud services have version history and roll back options in the event of data loss or file deletion.

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