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Our mission is to produce and market content that drives the growth of your business. We help clients with search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media advertising, YouTube advertising and display advertising.

The Technology Pool Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We organize, research, develop, track results and increase web leads using search engine marketing. Search engine marketing shows your business on Google or Bing for potential customers to view you as an option more often. Integrating SEM into your business results on average in a 25% increase in clicks and 27% increase in profits. SEM gives you the ability to have:

Budget Control

You select how often you would like your ads to appear, and you only pay when a customer clicks the advertisement to navigate to your website.


Only show your ads to people who are interested in what you offer. You can target ads by location, keywords, demographic groups, device types and much more.

Results Tracking

We track purchases, services rendered, customer behavior, and website traffic data. This allows us to constantly improve results and build momentum behind your campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process of getting organic, unpaid traffic from search engines. We do this by making you more relevant in searches, optimizing front end, and using external resources to increase traffic, updating content and optimizing your back end. Methods we use to increase organic traffic:


Quality content is important to both search engines and visitors. We can improve the quality and relevance of your content will help your rankings on search engines.

On Page SEO

We optimize title tags, meta descriptions, sub-headings, links, alt-tags and more throughout your site to ensure they are set up for the best search engine results.

Off Page SEO

We use outbound and inbound links, social media, social bookmarking and more to ensure that search engines can trust your website and it’s content.

Backend SEO

We optimize CSS, JS and other components of your site to improve rankings by way of maximizing page speeds, crawlability, readability, redirects and more.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is a very cost effective medium with targeting available based on age, gender, income, location, interests, and buying habits. This is a good way to promote products, services, and new offerings. Effective methods of video marketing that we use on YouTube include testimonials, product demos, tutorials, interviews, and event videos. We offer in-view and in-stream options while running a YouTube marketing campaign.

Facebook Marketing

We use Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to drive business growth. Facebook advertising allows us to take advantage of highly specific targeting for digital advertising based on age, interests, behavior and location. Facebook is great for increasing brand awareness by making people aware of your business and what you offer. Facebook advertising is measurable, trackable, and will give you a lower cost per acquisition as the campaign continues.

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