VOIP Business Telephone Service

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone solutions are a high-quality low-cost business communication service with full installation and full customer support 24/7. From our user portal, you have complete control to change extensions, create extensions, change phone displays, voicemail messages, set up call forwarding, change hold music and so much more.

The Technology Pool VOIP Business Phone Service

Why Switch to VOIP Phone Service?

We typically save a 10-30 employee business $250 a month on average with their phone bill while also providing a better system, more features and better customer service. Learning a new phone system is not easy, which is why we cover full installation, provide a live demo, training, and 24/7 support. Our telephone services have no contracts and your rate will lock in, never to be raised. Installation can be done after-hours or before the work day begins to minimize interruptions. We customize our phone plans to your needs. This includes extensions, display settings, portal settings, hold music, and voicemail preferences. We pride ourselves on delivering a great product that’s reliable, adaptable, and user friendly.

VOIP Phone Features

HD Voice

Phone calls are delivered with at least 2x the sound quality when compared to a typical phone call delivered through a landline.

Core Nexa App

This app allows you to make, answer and transfer calls from your cell phone, while appearing to the customer that you are calling from your desk number.

User Portal

A dashboard that allows you to change and add extensions, change transfer settings, set up voicemails, retrieve voicemails and listen in on phone calls.

Call Forwarding

Set up calls made to your office number to automatically be redirected to your cell phone without any line interruptions or holding.

Voicemail to E-Mail

Have all your voicemails transcribed into e-mails so that you can review your messages and keep records of your voicemail in your e-mail inbox.

Custom Hold Music

You can customize your hold music, which allows you to promote new products, deals, and keep customers informed and updated.

Virtual Attendant

Create custom greetings, key configurations for live operators, and holiday/off-hour notices that inform customers how to reach their party.

Custom Phone Display

Change extensions and parking options listed on your phone with the click of a button. We can program the phone display to appear however you want in a matter of seconds.

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We save the average 10-30 employee business $250/month on theyre phone bills. We offer a better communication option with more features at a lower price. Contact us today and let us show you the advantages of using VOIP.